Handcrafted in the UK: We supply a range of mobile, pressurised water carts for plant watering. Our products replace the need for watering cans and hoses.

A typical watering can holds 5 litres of water. At maximum capacity our watering cart holds 10 times this volume of water. So imagine the time and labour saving using one of our watering carts compared to filling 10 watering cans?

Our watering carts are pressurised using simple physics which converts your mains water pressure into elastic energy stored in a water tight bladder bag inside our sealed steel tanks. So no batteries, pumps or electricity are required to deliver pressurised water at any remote location you choose.

Hoses raise health and safety considerations and risks when used around customers. Our watering carts are self-contained units which have no trailing hoses and so circumvent this risk.

We have a range of products designed to serve different functions – from simply delivering fresh water for plants, to complete plant care solutions including a waste water tank to discard cut flower display-bucket water; a utility pack to carry tools to refresh plants through removing dying material; a workstation to care for plants or record data; and a dry waste bag.

H2o2go Carts have been designed to be simple to use and require very little maintenance. The following is guidance on best practice for users.

  • The H2o2go Cart is designed for use within supermarkets, variety retailers, garden centres, community groups et al. It requires relatively level smooth, ideally paved areas.
  • Take care when moving the cart over curbs, stairs or other obstacles, especially when full of water.
  • When dismounting curbs etc. ease the cart onto its back wheels and move down with your foot pressed against the metal bar at the base for stability — avoid pushing the cart forwards down curbs/stairs as this can damage the front wheels if pushed with force, especially when full of water.
  • To fill, simply attach aquastop fitting to mains tap with tap connector. Turn tap on and leave to fill for 5-10 minutes. The cart will automatically stop filling when full so can be left unattended whilst filling. Once full, disconnect from tap and attach gun.
  • Push/pull the cart from the handle at the rear. Do not pull the cart by the hose.
  • The cart is fitted with quick release aquastop fittings. Simply pull the collar on the aquastop fitting down and pull to release the gun. Ensure to pull collar down before pulling off fitting to avoid damage to the part.
  • Do not remove or add pressure via the valve (located under the blue cap) unless advised to by H2o2Go.
  • To empty the tank at the end of the day pull the trigger and pull clip (metal clip on gun) down to hold trigger down. Leave gun pointed into sink/drain until water cuts off indicating that it is empty.
  • Ensure cart tank is empty at the end of the day.
  • Through daily use the cart will naturally be flushed out but if the cart is left unused for a period of time (over winter for example) fill it and then empty 3 times before re-use to flush the tank.
  • Only fill from a mains, potable water supply.