Product Description

SLS water cart colour* fabric surround

SLS Water CartThe SLS Water Cart is a versatile and robust solution for efficient water transport, available with either a 50L or 35L sealed steel water tank. This cart is constructed with a zinc-plated stainless steel chassis, ensuring durability and longevity. It features large rear wheels and front caster steering wheels, one equipped with a foot brake for easy manoeuvrability. The cart comes with a 7-setting multi-jet metal spray gun, a polyurethane curly hose, and a durable polyester fabric outer cover in various color options. Ideal for construction, landscaping, and agricultural applications.

SLS Water Cart Features:

  • 50L or 35L sealed steel water tank
  • Zinc-plated stainless steel chassis
  • Large rear wheels and front caster steering wheels with foot brake
  • 7-setting multi-jet metal spray gun
  • Polyurethane curly hose
  • Durable polyester fabric outer cover


  • Durable and long-lasting construction
  • Easy to manoeuvre on various terrains
  • Versatile spray settings for different applications
  • Available in various colour options
  • Ideal for multiple uses, including construction, landscaping, and agriculture