Product Description

SLH water cart (50 / 35L) white rigid surround

The SLH Water Cart is a high-quality, efficient water transport solution, featuring a 50L or 35L fresh water tank and an additional 35L waste water tank. This model is perfect for various applications, including events and public spaces, offering both standard white and customizable branding options. Constructed with a zinc-plated stainless steel chassis and equipped with large rear wheels and front caster steering wheels with a foot brake, it ensures ease of use and durability.


  • 50L or 35L fresh water tank
  • 35L waste water tank with debris strainer and float indicator
  • Zinc-plated stainless steel chassis
  • Large rear wheels and front caster steering wheels with foot brake
  • Polyurethane curly hose with quick-release aquastop fitting
  • 7-setting multi-jet metal spray gun
  • Rigid polymer surround with spray gun hook
  • Polymer lid with floral display bucket holder


  • Durable and robust construction
  • Easy manoeuvrability on various terrains
  • Efficient wastewater management
  • Customizable branding options are available
  • Ideal for public events and spaces